Your Soul, You, and Your Soul Agreement

Your Soul, You, and Your Soul Agreement

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Before you were born, your Soul agreed to a few things. I like to think of them as Agreements. Some of the agreements are with people who will teach you the biggest lessons of your life. Some might be there for you to hold you when you fall. Others are there to bring you from one level to another. Then there are the ones who will take you towards your Blueprint Destiny.

We all go through the process of planning out and agreeing to Soul Agreements before each lifetime. A Soul Agreement is a contract that your soul makes in order to progress its growth while in this lifetime and to assist you in fulfilling the agenda of your Soul Purpose.  This is where your soul agrees to the types of karmic lessons you’ll learn, the experiences you’ll have, and the circumstances you’ll find yourself in during this lifetime. The agreements were made before you'd even arrived to this life. 

Your soul signed agreements with your chosen parents (including biological parents, step-parents, adoptive parents, and guardians), and you experienced the culture and the religion that you wanted to -- the experience you desired for Soul Growth. Remember, if your soul never had a purpose for being here, you wouldn't have been born.

Your Soul also has Soul Agreements with every single person in your life who provide you with the feelings and emotions which bring you to shine the vibrational truth you are here to explore and expand with. Have you ever wondered why it is, that one person may appear to have such a captivating life, while another person seems to struggle and have such a hard time getting by? Each one of us plays a specific part to that purpose, whether it be through rough times or amazing times. To complete your Soul Agreement, you really have to understand both sides of your experiences.

You also signed an agreement with your own Soul, to take on this task...this journey...with the challenges and the awesome moments; with the crying times and the laughing times; with the ups, as well the downs; with the feelings of loneliness, and the feelings of loving and being loved. You took the position of being the ambassador of your soul to fulfill your Soul Purpose.

Do you think you read any of your Soul Agreements before you signed them? You didn't consciously agree to these things, but they were chosen by your higher self, your soul before you were incarnated into this lifetime, and these agreements are binding. They must be completed, so you'd better make the best of it.

Do you ever feel like the "worst nightmare" situations that manifest in your life were meant to happen for a reason? For example, perhaps something more astounding came out of it later, the moment you withdrew yourself from the experience and looked at it from a different perspective. Maybe you even started to respond to the experience differently. You might choose to have a look at your Soul Agreements with everyone involved in your experiences, especially any ultimate experiences.

Some agreements may even be payback for something you may have done in a previous life! It's up to you to experience the feelings associated with the damage you’ve done to someone else.

One thing you always should remember:
You are never alone.

When was the last time you simply asked your soul for help? Your agreement between you two is a two-way street: You got one end of the bargain -- to live and fulfill your purpose; And, your soul got the other side of the bargain -- to support you anytime you ask.

It helps to try to simplify as much as you can in your life. You always have the upper hand here. It's important to understand that you do have control over your life! A lot of people think, “Oh well, my life is predetermined, so it doesn’t matter what I do. Things just are what they are.” That’s not the case at all! Free will is still part of your Soul Journey and your Soul Agreement. You are presented with opportunities that are aligned with your Soul Agreement, but it is you who chooses the decisions on how to act, what to do, and what journey you’re going to follow. Whether it be the hard road or the easy road -- you picked it!

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Picture it like this: Your life is like a movie, and as the director of your own movie (your life), you've hired many different actors to be in that movie. The main characters are your mom and your dad. You've chosen the scenes. You've chosen the country you are filming in. You've chosen all the flavors you've wanted to add to it. You've hired every single person that's played a role in your movie. Of course, you've also made a few wrong decisions, and you've gone a bit off track from the script, but all of these different experiences have helped to shape that movie (your world). Think of it this way: If there are ever certain characters you don’t like or are no longer needed, you can simply fire them! The same goes for events in your movie -- as the director, you can cut any scene you want to -- and the feelings or emotions attached to it!

Remember, your life is your creation, and you can create events out of your own free will and manifest them in your life. 

There were many reasons you were born into the family, religion, and culture you were born into. As well, there are reasons you picked up certain limiting beliefs, sicknesses, lonely times and many other events that have happened to you. All is good, and there is no judgment. All has been planned.

I did say your soul signed all of these agreements, but I did not say that you have to suffer your whole life holding onto certain ones. When you have finished with any of your agreements, they can be cut. It's time to take the lessons from some of those Soul Agreements and close them. If not, you may need to redo certain lessons when your soul returns the next time.

Start living!

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