Your Body Speaks Volumes… Are You Listening?

Your Body Speaks Volumes… Are You Listening?

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Everything is energy.


Everything around is energy, so YOU are energy.


Energy vibrates at different frequencies, and those frequencies can be either negative or positive. Every feeling or emotion is energy, and it vibrates in either a negative or positive frequency. It all depends on how you've labeled your feeling or emotion because they'll now be identified by you as being either negative or positive.


Those feelings and emotions are circulating in your etheric body in the energetic field outside your body, and the more you keep extending your storytelling yourself about certain feelings or emotions, the more likely it is that it will translate into you feeling it in a particular area of your body. Every time someone mentions that feeling or emotion, whether by circumstance or an experience you have with someone, it will make you feel squeezed in the same area where that feeling or emotion is stored in your body.


Those feelings and emotions--many of them are the residue of your upbringing in this world. Some of us had very tough experiences as children growing up in the family, culture and religion we choose to experience on this journey in this life. Some of those feelings and emotions are the byproduct of the story you've always told yourself through the years about you being a victim, and you've blamed everything in your life on circumstances instead of taking responsibility for what happened to you. It's all part of your Soul Agreement.


You made the agreement yourself in order to experience what it means to feel this way or that way. You made the agreement to experience the feelings and emotions you've gone through in your life.


There is always a solution for that. You must heal the wound of your Inner Child that is crying for you to act on what happened, instead of living in denial as though nothing ever happened. You can have a smiley face at all times in front of everyone so that it seems like life is cool from your side, while inside of you, you're boiling with anger, resentment, shame, frustration, guilt, bitterness or despair.


We all understand today that most of our food chain has been poisoned with pesticides or is GMO, and many of us use this as something to blame our health or miserable life on. It is always easier to blame or to push the blame on someone else, rather than to take responsibility for our own lives. We might think we're fat because of all the sugar added to almost everything we eat, while we disregard the emotional weight that we might be carrying because of feelings and emotions. The truth is, it is not only the food that makes us sick. It has more to do with the emotions and feelings of anger, forgiveness, hate, shame, regret, etc., that will provide the foundation for our dis-ease in our life. 


In Psychosomatic Blueprint Numerology, we determine the Blueprint that we all follow according to our name and date of birth because those are important events in your life.


The date you were born and the name you were given have a lot to do with your life experiences.


Each core of your chart will hold the vibration, and its frequency could be either negative or positive. Each of these vibrations will correspond to a chakra in your body.


Chakras are the major energy centers of the body.  These centers are positioned along the spine, and each chakra has internal organs associated with it.

There are two factors, in my opinion, that indicate when you are off track or when you're avoiding dealing with something in your life:

1) You keep attracting similar people and circumstances in your life.

2) You always attract health issues.

What do your
attractions, symptoms, and illnesses
tell you about yourself?



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  1. Cynthia
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    Great article Joseph. When we take responsibility for everything that happens around us – even the little things that push our buttons, it’s like a whole new world opens up. Thanks for sharing.

    • Joseph Ghabi
      | Reply

      Thank you Cynthia. I am glad you find it useful.

      In light!

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