You Always Have a Choice:  It’s Up to You

You Always Have a Choice: It’s Up to You

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For every light, there is a shadow, and it’s up to you which one gets your attention.

There are people in this world who seem to only see the shadows. They bemoan bad luck and blame their failures on faulty circumstance. Then there are those who seem to always be successful. They look for the light…and often find it. These people are happy, content and satisfied with life.

The secret to this difference is the human brain’s limited ability to assimilate information. Every day you take in immense amounts of data, but you can’t process all of it. If you did, you’d get way too distracted. You’d possibly even go insane. So, at some point in human history, we developed a regulating mechanism that helps us focus. The things you’ve told your brain to look for (like the color green) show up vividly while everything else blends into the background.


You always have a choice.


You can stay focused on your problems and create more worry and anxiety, or you can start looking for what’s right, and create opportunities and fulfillment.

Fortunately, that shift is available at any time.  And you can CLICK HERE to get started now.


In light!
Joseph Ghabi

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