What Does the Year 2017 Hold for You?

What Does the Year 2017 Hold for You?

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2016 was tough for many people.  Many left one journey to start a new experience, and while some lives were turned upside down, other's lives were blasted with success and prosperity.  You see, 2016 was a Universal Year 9. It marked the end of one situation and the opening up of another.  Whether you looked at your experiences or labeled them as negative or positive, or whether you only accepted positive as your reality, it doesn't matter.  You are where you are in life according to the choices, decisions and actions you've taken in the last six months or more.

Now, welcome to 2017!
How are the universal energies
expected to manifest?

Many of us are frustrated trying to make sense of where things are heading in 2017. Are we trying to break new ground, or is it a case of ‘more of the same’? Are the changes we are all experiencing empowering us to move in a more positive direction? When looking at 2017 in the context of numerology, we can gain insight into the universal energies at work here.

What is the vibration of 2017 from a numerological standpoint?

 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 10 and that is condensed down to: 1 + 0 = 1

So, 2017 is a YEAR 1!!!

"ONE" signifies beginnings, and so 2017 invites us to have a new beginning in our own lives. It is a time to highlight our individuality, uniqueness, wittiness, entrepreneurial spirit, and executive abilities, and it's time to take charge of our lives and think and act independently. It doesn't matter what area you are emphasizing on in your life, as long as it allows you to move forward from where you were.  You can start something new or even just see things from a new perceptive. It is time to consider starting a new and better version of yourself because 2017 will keep you well supported by the Universe. It’s also a year to put your leadership abilities and unique talents to use in the greater world and to practice cooperating without losing individuality.

"ONE" is the expert and the director of activities and events. At its best, "ONE" symbolizes leadership and getting a lot done. At its worst, "ONE" energy can be aggressive, unforgiving and even violent due to its pointed, narrow focus and approach. You need to work closer on your ego, pride and stubbornness and come to terms with self-confidence in your life. If you have any issues that you've overlooked and avoided, it is now the time to overcome them and move forward in your life. You truly need to trust in your inner power to drive you.  Tap into your inner dreams and visions and disregard the opinions of others who aren't supportive. 

Understanding basic vibrations can help you to manifest the positive attributes and recognize and overcome the negative.

2017 marks a Universal Year 1 this millennium with the integration of the 5th Dimension of Consciousness.

There is also a TWO, a ZERO, a ONE and a SEVEN in 2017.  What do these numbers mean and how do they apply to your life?

TWO: is in the primary position, and therefore dominant in the number 2017. The vibration of "TWO" is one of sensitivity, receptivity and the desire to nurture; it creates a need for harmony, and a willingness to achieve this through diplomacy and caring for others. You are responsible this year to have a clear sense of boundaries and limits and be able to sometimes say NO. You usually say yes to everything out of guilt, in order to belong or just so you don't offend anyone, but with this vibration, these are all supportive, "feminine" qualities, and YES!  We have a whole 983 years ahead of us which will contain the powerful influence of TWO!

ZERO: 2017 prompts conscious decisions to co-create with this new evolutionary journey with the Universe: it’s not a passive process! The zeros occurring each year from 2001 to 2099 reflect the deep, unseen power of new energies forming in our collective unconscious. The desire to cross into the unknown in order to create the life we desire to be, have and become will be obvious and will require a conscious effort. The ZERO in 2017 indicates the gigantic potential for generating a new direction. Zeros have a hidden energy with dormant power that desires to be handled sensibly and creatively.

ONE: is the number of creation and the connection with the Soul and the invincible spirit of life. It is about the Yang energy and the Soul power connection, the ego, and the defiant. It is the beginning from which all the other numbers are created. One can be divided into any number leaving it unaltered and so this represents the Spirit which can enter all things without changing. It is the number of purpose, determination and accomplishment.

SEVEN: is associated with your gifts, spiritual growth, intuition and trust. The vibration of this number rules occult mysteries, magical ceremonies and clairvoyance. The Bible even mentions that on the 7th day, God rested, and all livings things rest under the influence of SEVEN in order to reflect and contemplate. This number governs the rhythm of life. Intellect will expand, inner wisdom will awaken, and many truths will be exposed.

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