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Release Your Stress, Anxiety, and Worry

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Release Criticism and Unworthiness

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Design Your Own VIP Day:
A La Carte As You Need It

VIP Day Package

with Joseph Ghabi


If Stress, Anxiety and Worry are NOT a problem for you, you have the opportunity to
DESIGN YOUR OWN VIP Day – A La Carte As you Need It – VIP Day Package.


✓  What needs your attention the most? Is it something mental or emotional, or is it related to your health or relationships? Get more clarity of the bigger picture of what you desire to achieve.

✓  Identify the specific active pattern that keeps you feeling afraid of being seen, leaving your life unfulfilling.

✓  This is your design for one day, ONE-ON-ONE, for what you need. 

✓  There will be a 30-minute free assessment beforehand to pin point the direction of what you need.


Let's connect for a 30-minute consultation to see if this
one-on-one VIP Day is for you!


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Blueprint Energy Engineering
"BEE" VIP Package


This is the first program of its kind that takes the big picture of your entire life and shows you how each part affects the other in positive and negative ways.

All 4 Numerology Charts for One Low Price!



Healing À La Carte


Re-write your subconscious belief system by healing the pain from Mom and Dad so you can finally attract the love and happiness you are meant to have.

Heal Your Past Relationships to Boost Your Attraction Power!