Are you sick and tired of attracting people with a new face and body,
only to keep having that same familiar ending?

Are you ready for true lasting love?

Most of us do BELIEVE we ARE FAILURES the moment we break up with a partner. That is NOT true!  A relationship is SUCCESSFUL when it teaches you more about YOURSELF.  It's not about how long you stayed together!  


When you keep attracting similar situations though, this means that you still need to learn more deeply about your Blueprint and yourself.


In our time today, with the flux of so many old Souls and Masters living amongst us, relationships are not designed to last forever. All of your relationships are a big part of the Soul Agreements you have with others. You may come together to clear karma, work on something together, or bring a new being here, and after that's accomplished, the Soul Agreement is OVER.

"The purpose of a relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to have another with whom you might share your completeness."
~Neale Donald Walsch

✓  When was the last time you had a really fulfilling relationship?


✓  You might ask yourself many times:  Am I ever going to find the right man or the right woman in my life?


✓  Let’s be honest here... You cannot keep blaming the other person for your failed relationships. I'd like to bring to your attention the type of people you are always attracting into your life. What type of energy keeps you attracting the same old results?

 What's Included in Your
"Manifest Mr. or Ms. Right"
Virtual VIP Day


  • Understanding the patterns you keep following, based on the way you think and act. You keep taking the same actions when you meet a partner, though you're always expecting different results. Become aware of your own energy or self, and see what is holding you back.  You are not in alignment with where you wish to take your life and relationships. This program will help you gain a clear picture of what’s holding you back the most.
  • Identification of the attraction that is on autopilot, that keeps you feeling lonely and looking for love. It is hard to see what you desire in a relationship when you did not understand your past one.
  • The complete and permanent healing of this deeply unnoticed and suppressed pattern, so you are energetically free to be, have, and become who you need to be to make the impact you’re here to make!
  • Understanding the current condition of your relationship and comprehending the Past isn’t the Past; It’s the Present.
  • Setting yourself free from your relationship patterns that keep getting you the same results. You'll embody the energy to REWIRE the missing CONNECTION, so you feel safe and confident putting yourself and your relationship on track to have a happy, joyful, and fulfilled life.
  • *BONUS* -- 30-minute free assessment with Joseph BEFORE your VIP Day to pinpoint the direction of what you need.
  • *BONUS* -- Psychosomatic Numerology Consultation BEFORE your VIP Day. (If you've already had a Psychosomatic Numerology Consultation, you can use this session to release any other limiting belief systems you might have.)
    * learn more *
  • *BONUS* -- Follow-up call within 1-2 weeks AFTER your VIP Day.

Here's How We'll Work Together

30-minute initial consultation BEFORE your VIP Day

Psychosomatic Numerology Consultation BEFORE your VIP Day * learn more *

5 Hours (with breaks) DURING your VIP Day

Follow-up call within 1-2 weeks AFTER your VIP Day

 Your Virtual VIP Day Outline


Call #1 (60 minutes)

20-minute break

Call #2 (60 minutes)

20-minute break

Call #3 (60 minutes)

20-minute break

Call #4 (60 minutes)


  • Total Time Estimate: 5 Hours (including break time, which will be a time of reflection or a time in which you may be asked to complete a task)
  • I will design the 60-minute calls according to your needs as discussed in our 30-minute free consultation.
  • We'll have a follow-up call after your VIP Day (within 1-2 weeks).



Psychosomatic Blueprint Numerology Consultation

  • It’s not enough to heal and move away from the blocks.  In order to establish a new energy and reality in your life, you must step INTO understanding your own vibration. 
  • Understand how your energy, vibration, and frequency affect your chakras physically, and in turn, how it ALL affects your health.
  • Understanding how your emotions and thoughts affect you physically is the key to optimum health and wellness!


With Joseph's Psychosomatic Blueprint Numerology Consultation, You Will:

  • Identify core issues of the physical body through your vibrational chart... so you can begin healing them
  • Check for balanced or imbalanced energy in the physical body... and start aligning your energy
  • Identify any physical problems or psychosomatic issues in the chakra locations… and handle them!


Investment:  $497 CAD  FREE with VIP Day!

PS: If you've already had a Psychosomatic Blueprint Numerology Consultation, you can use this session to release any other limiting belief systems you might have.