This is the first program of its kind that takes the big picture of your entire life
— personal, professional, relationships, health, spiritual —
and shows you how each part affects the other in positive and negative ways!

 What's Included in the
BEE VIP Package?

All 4 Numerology Charts for One Low Price!


  • 1 Blueprint Numerology Chart Consultation

  • 1 Psychosomatic Chart Consultation

  • 1 Chart Consultation for your business or your job

  • Look into 3 past relationships and compare them with your energy to find any repeated patterns or distractions in your relationships.  You can focus on your mom, your dad, or any person you have had a difficult time with.

  • Release a feeling(s) related to 3 limiting belief systems

  • Recordings of all consultations

  • Over the phone or skype or in person