This Changed My Life

This Changed My Life

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Not too long ago I was in a place all too familiar to most people. I was lost, I was confused about who I was, and I often felt empty because I wasn’t living on purpose.

A byproduct of my struggle was constant movement. I lived in 11 cities over just 10 years, and many more over my lifetime. I kept traveling and didn’t have the stability, but was actually creating chaos for myself.

My finances were as chaotic as my surroundings, and each new city cost me a fortune to get settled into.

The moment I discovered numerology, I started to understand all the phases of life. My stage became clear to me, but I still needed to do a lot of cleaning up before that knowledge translated into a better life. Something needed to happen. Someone needed to happen.

Then something happened which made me switch on and start playing the game of life full on. This event elevated my frequency to a higher level and crystalized my purpose.

It was a Wednesday in the Spring of 2007. I was waiting, because it’s all I could do. I saw the doctor’s face and chills shot down my spine. The umbilical cord was completely wrapped around my son’s neck. He was silent. I yearned for a scream or a cry. Anything.

My prayers were answered, and the doctors were able to stabilize him… but it wasn’t over. The medical staff shared the news with me: They had discovered water in my son’s lungs.

It seemed like hours passed between my every breath. Eventually, the news came: They were able to successfully remove the water, and my son was in incubation.

The next day they took him out, and he wouldn’t stop crying. The day before I would have traded anything to hear a single cry, but now the continuous screams terrorized me.

And then he stopped. As he rested on my shoulder, the crying stopped.

So each night I walked with him on my shoulder all night so he could sleep. From 9 at night until 8 the next morning, I would walk with him.

The events of the preceding days had my heart and mind spinning… thankfully, I had plenty of time to think during my evening marathon.

One thought would not leave my mind. It keeps playing over and over:

“If I’m not consciously aware of my purpose, how am I supposed to teach my son about his? How can I be a great parent if my own life is not on purpose?”

I was at an event, and someone said to me, “Are you interested or are you committed?”


Interested or committed.


I can tell you, without a doubt I was now committed.

Committed to making major change, I started to meet the right people, take the right steps, and as they say, the rest was history.

Up until that point, I had been ignoring my gift and true purpose. I quit my job (security blanket), started hosting events and giving lectures. I have since been on the radio almost every week, now on 2 stations, and wake up excited to do what I love and live on purpose. Fortunately, part of this purpose is helping other people discover their own calling and live a happier life.

Everybody has a story in their life. Every single person has a book in them. Figure out where you are stuck and then learn how to make the necessary changes.

Over my life, I have spent over $80,000.00 on education, seminars and events. I am proud of this investment because it keeps making me better and bringing me success. People can always find excuses about not having the time or having the money… excuse after excuse after excuse. 95% of people hate their job, they hate waking up to it, but they don’t do anything because they are afraid… but they are only afraid because they don’t know their foundation — their true purpose. When I help them discover their purpose, this fear melts away, and they are free to build a real life of joy and purpose.


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In light!

Joseph Ghabi

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