The Meaning of 2016 in Numerology

The Meaning of 2016 in Numerology

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ABOUT 2016?


2016, as I have mentioned before, is an end of a situation in order to open up the doors for something new to enter into your life.

It means many people will have to leave us this year because, for one reason or another, they gave up on life and the issues or dis-eases that became tiring to deal with or manage. And for others, they decide to make a change instead and stop avoiding what they are supposed to handle and close from their past experiences.

How many celebrities have we lost this year in the first 16 days of 2016? How many people do you know who have already passed away?

In relationships, it will be the same. How many of us are in relationships because we are afraid of being alone, or we stay in a relationship for financial reasons? How many of us stay just for the sake of the kids only to resent each other? Is it good for our kids to have two angry parents fighting all the time?




Are you tired of being in a relationship but still feeling lonely and alone?

This year is a major force change in our society, in our government, in culture, and in religion, and for any institution that has been controlling people and forcing them to stay small. Everyone who is living a superficial life will have some awakening.




We’ve had many 9-Year Cycles in the past, but they were all in the 4th dimension, and now we are into the 5th dimension, and this dimension does not operate with the same energy and frequency as the past one. We don’t have any reference for comparison as we are living as we speak. That dimension must integrate itself and the 9 Year (2016) will assist in bringing it forward. It will be a big surprise to everyone, and we will all be experimenting with it the same way, but it will differ with each of us. We will experience different outcomes depending on our own resistance and also our own 9 Year Personal Year.

Still, I believe despite all of that energy we are living, you can make 2016 a great year and the best year ever for you because YOU chose to do that!

It is your call…

In light!

Joseph Ghabi

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