The Journey of a Soul

The Journey of a Soul

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Based on Joseph Ghabi’s book, The Blueprint of Your Soul – Discover Yourself and Your Blueprint Destiny

During the journey of the evolution of a Soul, the Soul has a choice of whether it wishes to further its evolutionary progress by incarnating into life on the earth plane as a human being or not. Souls also have the option of incarnating into life within other dimensional planes in the Universe, and where they go depends on their own individual level of Universal growth.

It is often true that the more advanced a Soul is, the longer it will take for it to decide to come back here to the earth plane, if ever it does. It isn’t always necessary for more advanced Souls to have a human life on earth, simply because those Souls have bypassed the level of learning of which life as a human being has to offer.

We are never alone during our human life. We are constantly being watched over and guided, and our growth is being monitored by Souls called “Spirit Guides” who work in the non-physical realms. These Souls are also working toward moving forward and enhancing their own growth and evolution by helping us in our physical life by directing us and watching how we conduct our life. There is a great deal of reward that comes from working as a Spirit Guide that helps Souls progress from the other side. So always remember, you are not alone in this life, you have support from your Spirit Guides that are trying to guide you toward receiving all the rewards you deserve to have in this lifetime.

It is important to note that at this point in time, an increasing number of advanced Souls are opting to come back and live an earthly life, and for one main reason. The reason is to be of service to humanity. Those Souls help humanity by sharing their high level of knowledge, wisdom, and compassion which is gravely needed right now to help support the planetary progression of earth toward becoming a more Universally Conscious plane of existence.

The earth plane is the most challenging plane of all to exist in. The reason for this is because the human race is the most disconnected and farthest from understanding its divinity and purpose for being alive. The experiences that life in the earth plane has to offer provide the grounds for learning many of valuable lessons that a Soul is required to learn in order to progress in terms of Universal understanding and awareness of life and creation.




If the human aspect of that Soul, which incarnated into earth life follows the Soul blueprint to the detail, then that human being is sure to lead a very rewarding and fulfilling life. The unfortunate aspect of all this is that of course, the majority of human beings here on this earth plane are not even remotely aware that the Soul blueprint exists and as a result are most likely out of alignment with it.  This is one main reason as to why we feel such a profound sense of dissatisfaction and lack of purpose when it comes to our life, and this is where Numerology steps into the equation.

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Joseph Ghabi


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