The Art of Using Excuses

The Art of Using Excuses

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We all decided to inhabit this beautiful planet for a certain period of time to experience something. One day, after being in the tummy of your mother for 9 months, you splashed into this world and let out your first cry. At that moment, you awoke from a trance, and you apparently had no clue where you were. You had no instruction manual defining you or telling you right from wrong. Do you agree?


What happened to that young boy or young girl's innocence as they grew? Who do we blame as that innocence slips away? In the beginning, it seems that everybody is the problem.


I was taking a walk with my 7-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son. As I listened to their conversation and the argument and blame game that ensued, I realized something -- this program of shifting blame was going to come back to haunt them later. The moment you don’t both have clarity is the moment you blame someone else.


Why are we here? We are here for two things, and until you understand them and apply them in your life, you will be living in limbo.

  1. First, it is to learn to take responsibility for your life. And,
  2. Second, it is to get your freedom.

I've started to show my kids the importance of taking responsibility for their own actions without blaming it on the other person. 

BLAME = 23145 = 6

“6” in Numerology is about responsibility, so blame is a negative 6.

The dictionary definition of blame is: To assign responsibility for a fault or wrong.

We are here to experience something and that something is about our feelings or emotions. What do we do with those feelings and emotions after we've experienced them?  When we experience feelings and emotions that we never understood or dealt with, we create a meaning for our feelings and emotions, and that will be the foundation of our story -- regardless if it was true or false.  Your emotions and feelings will ultimately be located in the field around the body we call your Aura.

"The field is the sole governing agency of the particle." ~Albert Einstein

Those particles of unsolved emotions create a void space around one of the seven Chakras in the body. Diseases are created in these energetic fields first before manifesting in your body. If your body is unhealthy today, you have surrounded yourself with negative feelings or emotions for a long time. They are located around a chakra field surrounding your body and the longer we keep insisting on living in denial of them, holding onto those feelings or emotions and not expressing them, the more likely it is that disease will set in.

"Every disease we have is an unlearned lesson." –Dr. M. T. Morter

The field is naturally neutral and has no label to it as energy flows constantly in and out, but what we normally do is create a label for your field in order to make it negative or positive. That labeling will start the process of your void in that area of your body. The awesome thing is that we create the field label with our own intentions so that means you can reverse the flow of your field by overriding it with a newer positive intention, in turn, healing yourself.

Many of you might think that is too easy to be true -- and it is! Save yourself the headaches and stop complaining about your life!

You cannot be healthy and sick at the same time. You need to choose.

Some of us have been living in denial for our whole life. There is no problem being in that state if that what you want. We all, at one point or another, distract ourselves and start focussing on things we think might bring us happiness. What is your focus? Is it success? Money? Raising a family?

To avoid what we need to release, we start creating excuses. We all remember how to make excuses from a young age by simply blaming someone else, but now it's done towards things and not just people.

Some popular excuses include:

  • I don’t have money;

  • I have a family to support;

  • I have no time;

  • I have this disease so now I can’t do it. (Yes, disease is a great excuse for some of us)

EXCUSE = 563315 = 5

“5” in Numerology is about freedom or running away.

The definition of excuse in the dictionary is: “Attempt to lessen the blame attaching to (a fault or offense); seek to defend or justify.”

The excuses we make come from our limiting belief system. They help to distract us from handling an emotion or a feeling that remind us of a time we blamed someone or felt pain.

If you are happy and joyful in one area in your life, but not in another, there is a problem. You may be a successful millionaire, but if you always go home alone, or you are always sick, there is an alarming signal that there a void in your field. I can see the energy on someone when I do physical healing.

We are all artists as we are applying the art of excuses. Before we blamed people, and now we blame things on a lack of money, being too busy, and so on. We blame our life on uncontrollable circumstances, and we carry all the unlearned lessons to our next venture or life. We've all become great at using the art of our own excuses to avoid our own responsibilities.

You can pay for it today by working on your inner healing and releasing all your emotions and feelings from your childhood so you can live in peace and joy, or you can pay for it later to "Big Pharma" and live with worries and pain.

If you are using excuses and want to end the cycle once and for all, I urge you to schedule a Numerology Chart Reading with me.

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