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Samantha M.

“Are you through with the pain in your life?  Read on. Three years ago, Joseph came into my life.  My life was complete chaos.  Life now?  Happy and full of laughter.  One of the most important elements of Joseph’s One on One Private Sessions is that he listens.  He gives guidance and then allows you to make your own decisions and mistakes.  During the first year, I failed to heed his advice and many times shut him out of my life.  He cared.  He would e-mail to see how I was doing and tried to coax me out of my isolation.  I refused.  I fell apart.  I sought him out after.  He gave me the gift of having the desire to rise again.  Over the last 2 years, he has guided me through a very traumatic time in my life and helped me repair the relationships with the people that I love. My life is now full of love, joy and laughter.  I never dreamed that I would get to this point.  Thank you, Joseph, for believing in me and guiding me to my bright future.”