Pamela Roy

“A year and a half or so ago, I was struggling to find my purpose in life. I was searching outside of me for answers to questions I could hardly even form. Then my friend suggested I contact Joseph Ghabi for a reading. During the reading, Joseph explained information he received from my name and date of birth. I couldn’t believe the story he was saying: how could he know SO much about me just from that little bit of information? He was amazing and detailed! Not only did he “get my story” right, he also clued me in about things I never realized about myself. Also, and very importantly, he touched on a few things I hadn’t considered before. Once he opened one specific door, I finally found my direction and pursued my purpose…what I feel I am in this world at this time to do! I will forever be grateful for the door opening that Joseph’s reading provided because it absolutely changed my life! Thank you, Joseph!”