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Angie Marie

“Don’t expect to plaster your board with hundreds of pictures all day, because this is NOT what this workshop is all about. It is much more profound. Before any vision boards are made, Joseph takes the group into a series of different exercises and techniques throughout the entire day that will help each individual remove blocks and clear energy of limiting beliefs. After all the clearing is done, we choose only 5 images that represent 5 main aspects of our lives of what we want to manifest. I choose 5, long-term “unachievable” images to put to the test. Careful what you wish for! Well, I’m happy to say that, it has

been 4 months since I took Joseph’s vision board workshop and already 2 out of the 5 images on my vision board have already manifested in ways that I never thought possible. These manifestations has given me the confidence in myself and has made me a believer that anything and everything IS achievable. I KNOW that the remainder 3 images on my vision board is on it’s way to me soon and I am opened arms and ready to receive. Thank you, Joseph.”