Are You a Single Person Who…


➤  Hopes that one day you’ll be swept off your feet by that perfect someone?

➤  Wants to understand why you keep attracting the same type of person into your life?

➤  Needs a step-by-step, visual system to help make your relationship dreams come true?


If YES, Then…

relationship vision board, Joseph Ghabi, The Free Spirit Centre

Did you know that relationships are not only defined as physical, intimate, or emotional?

There are many other factors that define a relationship.  

We have all experienced, at one point or another, one of these types of relationships:  

1- Love / Family Relationship;
2- Soul Mate Relationship;
3- Karmic Relationship;
4- Spiritual Relationship;
5- End of a situation, circumstance, or pattern relationship (that could be karmic, too);
6- Business-focused relationships;
7- No relationship - just together for the kids / financial;
8- Roommates relationship; and,
9- Wrong relationship.

Have you experienced any of these types of relationships in the past?  

Trust me, we all have as we define our relationships with our parents, family, friends, teachers, co-workers, as well as our personal relationships and even our relationships with our kids.

What are the factors that affect your physical, intimate, and/or emotional relationships?


It all basically comes down to

  • YOU are the script writer, actor/actress, editor, producer, sound, light and visual engineer, and the director of your own life.
  • YOU are the only one who can attract situations into your life that bring you the awareness and understanding you need in order to make the necessary corrections in the areas you are still not clear on for now in your life.
  • YOU attract the people who can provide those experiences you are still hungry to learn.  

From your relationship with yourself arises many factors that affect your physical and emotional relationships and direct and influence those relationships.  This is what it's all based on… It’s not your relationship because your partner is simply an attraction to what you need, for example:

  1. Your relationship with self-love;
  2. Your relationship with your health / body;
  3. Your relationship with your sexuality;
  4. Your relationship with money; and/or,
  5. Your relationship with your limiting beliefs.


So What Does a Vision Board Have To Do With Relationships?

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A Vision Board is a visual representation of the things that you want to achieve, be, or do in your life.  It consists of a collage of pictures and words that connect with your intentions, dreams, goals, and vision.

Many of us have tried making Vision Boards in the past.  Although sometimes it may have worked, it didn’t always, so we often ended up giving up on the whole idea.

Why is that so?

We’ve all heard about our conscious mind and our subconscious mind.  In the case of Vision Boards, when you see a picture or an image you feel attracted to and, at the same time, that picture represents something you’d love to have in your life, it means that your conscious mind has agreed.  All went great, and you put it up on your Vision Board and everyone is happy, right? 

Think Again!

Do you always dream of that special man or woman
sweeping you off your feet to live in a perfect relationship together?


Do you have goals, dreams, aspirations, or a chief aim or vision in your heart, but they are still at a stage of being over-analyzed in your head?


What Happy Workshop Participants Have To Say...


Don’t expect to plaster your board with hundreds of pictures all day, because this is NOT what this workshop is all about. It is much more profound. 


Before any vision boards are made, Joseph takes the group into a series of different exercises and techniques throughout the entire day that will help each individual remove blocks and clear energy of limiting beliefs. After all the clearing is done, we choose only 5 images that represent 5 main aspects of our lives of what we want to manifest. I choose 5, long-term “unachievable" images to put to the test. Careful what you wish for!


Well, I’m happy to say that, it has been 4 months since I took Joseph’s vision board workshop and already 2 out of the 5 images on my vision board have already manifested in ways that I never thought possible. These manifestations have given me the confidence in myself and have made me a believer that anything and everything IS achievable. I KNOW that the remainder 3 images on my vision board are on its way to me soon and I am opened arms and ready to receive. Thank you, Joseph!


~Angie Marie ( 



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