Relationship Power Struggle

Relationship Power Struggle

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The greatest asset we have in human existence is our soul growth, but somehow we have that confused with becoming powerful. Power does not bring growth unless we understand the essence of sharing that power.

The struggle for power is a major characteristic in basically all of our relationships. The main types of relationships I recognize and have categorized them into three main groups. They are work relationships, family relationships, and emotional relationships.

The way I can understand and relate to our relationships is as follows. A relationship is basically the cooperation between any two people, on whatever level they are working on. Very simple, yet it’s apparently very hard for most of us to deal with in our lives.

In many instances, as we can see, cooperation between those people involved in the relationship, there tends to exist as a power struggle, in terms of who will succeed in gaining control or domination over the other person in order to meet their own needs or requirements. In such a case, the dominant one is losing his or her growth, and in effect, the victim is achieving the growth of both people involved in that relationship. What do I mean by that? Think about it! We do obtain a greater amount of growth in experiencing a bad situation.

When you are the abuser, it is likely that in reality, you do not understand what you are doing. Many of the people who have been a victim of abuse are carrying the burden of a situation or circumstance they grew up in, in terms of being abused. They might not have been granted any chance to learn how to understand, accept, and deal with this experience of being abused. In effect, they do not know any better, but at the same time, they are going backward in their own life until they begin to understand the experience and their lesson fully.

Unfortunately for those who are being or have been abused, this is a process they had to go through. In some instances, it is part of Karma, but the lesson to be learned here is how to handle the situation and get out of it without being hurt and having a deeper scar than was intended in the first place. In this case, the abuser will gain much more in their understanding of the experience unless, of course, they choose not to learn their lesson.

I would like to put this into perspective because in certain situations where the one being abused has become accustomed to being abused and complaining about his/her situation. It is eventually taken for granted as being an easy way of bringing attention to themselves and to gain sympathy from others. However, that will eventually lead to a pattern and a vicious circle. We can choose to either complain as much we like about our situation or we can do something to try to improve it. It is up to you to be the judge in your own situation. At the end of the day, we do have the power to improve our lives and achieve our growth as it is not up to anyone else to change that.

Have we ever wondered why we feel the need to control our partner? If this is the case, why are we in the relationship in the first place? Are we trying to prove something to ourselves, in order to fill a gap of something that is lacking? Perhaps we need that extra confidence that we think we are achieving when we are in control of someone else’s life, making him or her feel insecure as a result of that domination. I believe there are many possible reasons and many questions and their answers come from the need to look at our inner selves in the first place.

In many relationships of our time and from what we can see with the people in our surroundings, we become able to evaluate the way they respond to conflicts or harsher situations in their lives. The initial response and what appears to be an easy escape is that we always tend to shift the blame to the other person involved and claim we have nothing to do with the incident in the first place. We like to proclaim that he or she was manipulating our weakness or our self-confidence and used it as a weapon against us. This may be the case, but we do have a responsibility to ourselves and should NOT allow such treatment to take place.

One thing I personally cannot understand is why we allow our emotions to overpower our rational mind when the people around us who really do care are constantly reminding us we should leave the situation that is bringing us pain and hurt. But we choose not to listen to anyone.

Many people have told me it is easier said than done! I don’t think so! When we are in any situation where we can see no apparent opportunity to grow in that relationship, but we choose to stay anyway even though we are being hurt in the process, well, there is no excuse! Sometimes we are afraid of leaving; this may well be the case, but we need to find out why we are afraid and what it is exactly we are afraid of. That might help!!!

It is apparent to me that on most occasions our pride and ego are taking the best out of us in terms of accepting humility, which is essential sometimes and will enable us to put our life back in order when we see the truth from a different perspective. When we are able to drop the ego and pride, we do see the situation in a whole new light. There is nothing wrong in being humiliated from time to time and because that will build up our self-confidence to move forward in life with a new understanding and awareness of the situation.

Another problem that I feel frequently occurs when dealing with relationships is that we always seem to have a hard time in letting go of the previous experience we passed through. The letting go is an essential factor here and must be fulfilled in order to allow any new experience to take effect in our lives. In reality, we will never go backward in life unless we allow it to happen. The choice is in our own hands. Letting go is the most important factor of our growth, and we must learn to master the art of letting go to break ourselves free by accepting the experience as being just an experience for what it really is, and most importantly, without keeping any bitterness in our hearts which can take control in our next relationship.

The only way we can move on and allow new opportunities for growth to come into our lives is by investing in our next relationship instead of withdrawing, being afraid of getting hurt. That thought alone will bring the experience to you because you are asking for it in the first place. Whatever we project will become our own reality. It is about time that we stop and take a moment to look at our lives from a totally different and detached perspective, especially when we see things are still happening in the same way year after year. Haven’t you asked yourself the question yet? Why am I stagnating in my life?

You hold the answers to any question you have. Isn’t it time to start thinking in a different way when it comes to your relationships? If you think you are happy so far in your relationships, yet, you still find ways to complain; then you really are not happy. Try to introduce the word change as a part of your vocabulary! Trust me our only mystery in life is in learning to understand ourselves. We are tough when it comes to dealing with ourselves, but why? We try to create an image, in fact, in most cases, a fake image of how we would like people to see us for what we are on the outside but in reality, we are dying on the inside. What is it that we are hoping to achieve from this? It seems the result is usually always at our own expense! Look at your life and try to bring yourself back down to earth to enable yourself to evaluate your life accordingly.

On a final note, being in a relationship with no depth or communication between the two souls involved is rather like not being in a relationship at all! I would like you to take a look around one day when you are in a restaurant. Observe the people around you, particularly those who are there as a couple. Of, course they are sharing the same table, but each individual might seem to be somewhere else in their own thoughts and with no exchange of conversation except perhaps how is your food dear? Is that really a true relationship? Maybe in some peoples opinion, but I do not think so. The way we have been taught and how we have become used to evaluating our relationships in many cases is wrong and is an example that seems to mislead us into following inaccurate examples.

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