Do you want to start your own business as a holistic practitioner?

Or do you want to add an amazing tool to your growing healing business?


The New Frontier Healer Program


How Numerology Certification Will Boost Your Biz

When you are certified as a Numerology expert, you will add the WOW! factor to your business when you:


  • Give a Numerology chart reading as the "optin freebie" to help build your website mailing list
  • Create a Numerology chart before you meet with a potential client to see if you two are compatible working together
  • Offer a Numerology chart reading as a complimentary initial consultation for potential clients
  • Include a Numerology chart reading as the first session for new clients
  • Present a Numerology chart reading as a highly attractive, stand-alone program
  • And much more!  (The possibilities are ENDLESS!)

How You and Your Clients Will Benefit

When you complete The New Frontier Healer Level 1, you will:


  • Create entire Blueprint Numerology charts for clients... quickly and easily
  • Present complete Blueprint Numerology consultations to your clients... by learning what works and what doesn't
  • Discover what to say and what not to say to clients... from my 20 plus years’ experience
  • Become intuitively aware of what your client may need assistance with... so you can confidently offer them your unique services and programs
  • Learn about yourself more deeply... and then assist others to awaken!

Boost Your Business and Further Your Own Healing

"I am honored to share with you the incredible experience I had taking Joseph Ghabi’s New Frontier Healer program. I had learned a little about numerology and inner child healing from Joseph before, but his yearlong course provided me with the expert skills I needed to confidently offer these modalities to my clients. His step-by-step instruction taught me the ins and outs of numerology and gave me a specialty in my coaching business that few coaches have. I now start the majority of my coaching clients with a personal numerology reading to show them their special talents and unique blocks. This extraordinary tool in my coaching toolbox opens the door to offering my coaching services and programs. The New Frontier Healer Program is also responsible for my success with my online radio show, "Numerology and Beyond," on Joseph is very generous with his knowledge and his time, and I feel blessed that I was able to take this course from him. I recommend Joseph’s New Frontier Healer program if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind opportunity to boost your business and further your own healing!"


Toni Cay Snyder, Ph.D. 
ve Coach and Mentor

What's Included in the Group Course


Take the Pledge & Confidentiality

Welcome to The New Frontier Healer


Legacy and Vision


Section 1:
Blueprint Numerology

Understand the foundations of Pythagorean Numerology and the well-respected calculation methods that Joseph has been using for many years. Learn the core components of a chart, the meaning of numbers, the flow of a chart, and the proper way to present charts to clients.

Section 2:
Psychosomatic Numerology

Understand the core components of Psychosomatic Numerology, the chakra system and its meaning in relationship with the body, creation of and practice with sample charts, and much more.

Section 3:
Relationship Numerology

Learn how to do Relationship Numerology comparison with individuals, couples, and important relationships. Practice comparisons with Joseph, fellow program members, your family lineage, and many others.

Section 4:
Business Numerology

Understand Business Numerology core components, concepts, and coaching. Experience a comparison consultation with one owner and multiple owners. Learn how to make your healing practice a success!

Bonus Section:
Numerology B.E.S.T.

For those with Certification in
Morter Health System for B.E.S.T.

Contact Joseph for Details

PRACTICUM:  The New Frontier Healer Level 1 group program includes a month of practice.
At the end of the program, you will have the chance to continue to work with Joseph on future expansions.


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"Remember everything is energy. Numbers are everywhere.
Numbers are energy. Learn to understand the language of the Universe."

Joseph Ghabi