Always labeled as “too sensitive,” I spent many years absorbing and being affected by other people’s energy around me. Numerology lead me to understand that I was an empath and very intuitive and am actually picking up on other’s feelings and energy, yet thinking it was my own.  For me, this was part of being a Destiny 7.  Having an awareness of my Destiny number 7 and all of what that means for me has put me on a path to help others understand the relevance of their own Destiny number and some of what their soul planned for them in terms of why things  happen the way they do.  Numerology showed me how everything does happen for a reason and allows me insight into the ‘why’s.’


I always find it rewarding when I relay information from the vibrations of the numbers in someone’s chart that resonates with them and helps them satisfy some things they wondered about; often leaving them unexpectedly surprised and wanting to know more.  Some questions I always wondered about resided around the existence of soul mates, if life was determined by Destiny or Free-Will and what was my purpose?  I finally found answers for myself in my numerology chart.


Happy Clients

“I have always been a little skeptical about new ways to tackle life’s questions – but meeting Eliana really changed all of that for me.  With her guidance, I could finally better understand the curve balls that life deals us all and how to deal with them better – but also learn some tools and techniques to produce the bigger, more satisfying outcomes that I felt I had always deserved – but didn’t know how to achieve.


Eliana helped me to discover and focus on the things in life that truly give me the most satisfaction.  Combined with the techniques she has taught me to refuel my own body’s energy – I found myself inexplicably happier, lighter and more carefree about daily life – and that in turn began to manifest itself in almost every aspect of my life: the way I perceived the world, the way others treated me, and most importantly, an increased number of positive outcomes I began to experience and with much more frequency.  The best part is that my friends began to notice a marked difference in me – and have started to ask what my secret is!”


~Aris Kakkis

“Numerology consultation with Eliana was very interesting, and informative.  It was also very motivating, and raised my self-esteem.  The numbers confirmed that I’m on the right path right now.  Eliana described in which area my destiny lies, and gave me practical advises on what may help achieve the goal.  Definitely, recommend to everyone!”


~K. Vassilieva

“When I first heard about numerology I was very skeptical.  Part of me still is.  Yet when my chart was read, something made complete sense to me.  It spoke to my instincts.  I was very impressed with all the details!  It had all been in my head in a vague and muddled up way.  Eliana put things down clearly for me, as points to look at or work on, which was extremely helpful.  She gave me drive to go ahead with things I wanted to do for a long time, plus new ideas and, most importantly, great inspiration!”


~Maria Andreou, Life Coach