Numerology and Celebrity Soulmates

Numerology and Celebrity Soulmates

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Celebrity Soulmates


We come to this life with so many Soul Agreements that there is nothing that happens by coincidence–things are just as you see them or just as they happened.

For many of us, we can sense from the first handshake with someone that there is more to that person.  You may feel that you know that person, and if you do, there is a reason for that.  The main focus of that reason centers on the fact that you have a Soul Agreement connection.

For example:  You go to a business meeting and you have a great meeting.  There are 2 reasons for that:

  1. You went to that meeting with a vibration that supported your personal strengths.
  2. You’ve got a Soul Agreement with the person you had the meeting with.

There are many different styles of Soul Agreements between people.  We can find those agreements in our date of birth.

I use Blueprint Numerology.  Numerology and Blueprint Numerology are calculated the same way.   I use the same calculations, and I use Blueprint Numerology the way that most Numerologists do.  I can predict your future and interpret your vibration based on your numbers, which are derived from your date of birth and your name.

However, I believe that the point about predicting your future is hard to believe and appreciate when you are stuck in your past.  When you are stuck in a limiting belief system, that future prediction can sound like something that you could see happening, but it may seem like a daunting task to achieve.  Often times, in this case, people can easily take what the Numerologist said for granted.

I prefer to bring you up first from where you are stuck in order for you to slowly get back on the path of your journey towards your Blueprint Destiny.  Your Blueprint Destiny is a journey and not a destination.  Your job or label does not define your destiny, though there are always some exceptions to the rules.

So let’s get into some celebrities who are married together or work together or live together–all are called relationships.

To compare any two people, the first thing I need is their date of birth:

Your Connection In Your Relationships:

Name 1:  Catherine Zeta-Jones- Date of birth: September 25, 1969 = 9+2+5+1+9+6+9 = 41/5

Name 2:  Michael Douglas- Date of birth: September 25, 1944 = 9+2+5+1+9+4+4 = 35/7


   Emotional Level (Month)  Mental Level (Day)  Vocational Level (Destiny)
 Growth/Outcome  9 14/5 3
 Name 1: Catherine  9  7 5
 Name 2: Michael  9  7  7
 Learn from Each Other  0  0  2


Catherine and Michael have the strongest connection of our Celebrity Soulmates.  One link is on the emotional/physical side and the other one is on the mental level.  Everyone in the news complained about them and their age difference.  When we have a Soulmate Connection, our soul does not care about age because our souls are ageless.

Name 1:  Ellen DeGeneres – Date of Birth: January 26, 1958 = 1+2+6+1+9+5+8 = 32/5

Name 2:  Portia de Rossi — Date of Birth: January 31, 1973 = 1+3+1+1+9+7+3 = 25/7


   Emotional Level (Month)  Mental Level (Day)  Vocational Level (Destiny)
 Growth/Outcome  2  3 3
 Name 1: Ellen  1  8 5
 Name 2: Portia  1  4  7
 Learn from Each Other  0  4  2


Ellen and Portia also have a Soulmate Connection on the emotional/ physical level.

Name 1:  Dr. Phil – Date of Birth: September 1, 1950 = 9+1+1+9+5+0 = 25/7

Name 2:  Robin McGraw — Date of Birth: December 28, 1953 = 1+2+2+8+1+9+5+3 = 31/4


   Emotional Level (Month)  Mental Level (Day)  Vocational Level (Destiny)
 Growth/Outcome  3  2 11/2
 Name 1: Dr. Phil  9  1 7
 Name 2: Robin  3  1  4
 Learn from Each Other  6  0  3


Dr. Phil and Robin are soulmates on the mental level and they have a 6 on the physical/emotional level which pertains to commitment and family.

Name 1:  Dr. Oz — Date of Birth: June. 11, 1960 = 6+11+1+9+6+0 = 33/6

Name 2:  Lisa Oz — Date of Birth: July 20, 1963 = 7+2+0+1+9+6+3 = 28/10/1


   Emotional Level (Month)  Mental Level (Day)  Vocational Level (Destiny)
 Growth/Outcome  13/4 13/4/4 7/7
 Name 1: Dr. Oz  6  11/2 33/6
 Name 2: Lisa  7  2  1
 Learn from Each Other  1  9/0  5/5


Dr. Oz and Lisa are soulmates on the mental level and both of them are old souls, too.

Name 1:  Gen. David Petraeus — Date of Birth: November 7, 1952 = 11+7+1+9+5+2 = 35/8

Name 2:  Paula Broadwell — Date of Birth: November 9, 1972 = 11+9+1+9+7+2 = 39/12/3


   Emotional Level (Month)  Mental Level (Day)  Vocational Level (Destiny)
 Growth/Outcome  22/4 16/7 11/2
 Name 1: David  11/2  7 8
 Name 2: Paula  11/2  9  3
 Learn from Each Other  0/0  2  5


Gen. David and Paula’s affairs are out of their hands.  They have the strongest Soulmate Connection on the emotional/physical level.  Things can get out of hand sometimes (or most of the time).

Name 1:  Oprah Winfrey – Date of Birth: January 29, 1954 = 1+2+9+1+9+5+4 = 31/4

Name 2:  Ellen DeGeneres — Date of Birth: January 26, 1958 = 1+2+6+1+9+5+8 = 32/5


   Emotional Level (Month)  Mental Level (Day)  Vocational Level (Destiny)
 Growth/Outcome  2 19/1/1 9
 Name 1: Oprah  1  11/2 4
 Name 2: Ellen  1  8  5
 Learn from Each Other  0  3/6  1


Oprah and Ellen’s Soulmate Connection is on the emotional/physical level.

Name 1:  Oprah Winfrey — Date of Birth: January 29, 1954 = 1+2+9+1+9+5+4 = 31/4

Name 2:  Dr. Oz – Date of Birth: June 11, 1960 = 6+11+1+9+6+0 = 33/6


   Emotional Level (Month)  Mental Level (Day)  Vocational Level (Destiny)
 Growth/Outcome  7 22/4 10/1/1
 Name 1: Oprah  1 11/2 4
 Name 2: Dr. Oz  6 11/2  33/6
 Learn from Each Other  5  0/0  11/2/2


Oprah and Dr Oz also have a Soulmate Connection on the mental level.

A Soulmate Connection does not always have to be a romantic relationship.  Sometimes  it is a relationship between a brother and sister, colleagues at work, or family members we feel the most attracted to.  Soulmates are here because they enjoy each other’s company.  They usually push each other to be at their best.

What are the Soul Agreements that people have between each other?

The Soul Agreements are found at the bottom of each table where it says, “Learn from Each Other.”

0 (Zero) = Soulmate Connection

8 = Karmic Connection

7 = Spiritual Connection

5 = Freedom Connection

11/2 or 22/4 = Master Number

9 = Old Soul Connection / end of a situation to prepare for a new beginning.

The point of this article was not to do the charts for each celebrity in detail.  I like to keep that private for them. It is to make the point that sometimes we fall in love or we do things with each other and this happens anytime there is a Soulmate Connection, regardless if there is an age difference or not.

We all complain that we need to find our soulmate, but oftentimes, your soulmates are simply around you all the time.




In light!

Joseph Ghabi


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