It’s All About Attitude

It’s All About Attitude

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Why do we really need the experiences that we have to deal with in our day-to-day life? Does anyone know? Who can answer my question?

Somehow, in my heart, I do know and understand the answer to this question. However, I have no discipline to do something about it in respect to applying the principle in dealing with my own life experiences.

To a certain extent, we all have some sort of Karma to deal with in our lives. I myself, do have Karma in this lifetime to deal with, it is my famous four (4)! The vibration of the four deals primarily in stability and commitment being the main concern. This is all very nice from my point of view in life, being a Gemini and having some strong characteristics that are contradictory to the vibration of the four!

In my experience of living through that Karma, I am beginning to become aware of the existence of sub division, making it interesting for me to deal with. Four is an earthly vibration and has a great deal of focus upon mundane everyday responsibility.




If so, then that feeling is not just a part of your imagination, it is a true fact because your Karma has been around usually for more than one lifetime. Its roots are far from being the lesson of this lifetime alone! That is what makes it difficult to handle and can make us stubborn when the time comes to deal with it accordingly. Certainly, this was the case for me until my girlfriend introduced me to the words “it is all about attitude”.

I was not able to comment on her statement at that point as I was in need of some time to grasp the essence of those words in my head. I had to allow time for my logical mind to analyze the statement, or else, I might have lost the fun in the process!




An attitude is the way we define something according to what’s going on in our environmental circumstances. We must always look at these circumstances objectively so that we are ready to make necessary adjustments in the case where any aspects of those circumstances are not working. That reminds me of the saying when being presented with half glass of water, ‘is it half full or is it half empty’?

Somehow the word attitude opened something inside of me, although I didn’t  know exactly at this point of my experience in dealing with my Karma. I thought about it hard and realized that our attitude does have a great affect and can make a huge difference when dealing with our day-to-day experiences. However, when it comes to our lessons in life, being a part of our Karma, changing our attitude to a more positive and objective one can enhance our situation and facilitate our experience in our lessons by creating the capacity for us to move faster in our growth. Now, back to the point of me dealing with my own Karma, it will help me at least to have a better attitude about my lesson, my life and especially my attitude about myself. That’s where everything starts, with the self.

So, in the end, whether we have a positive or negative attitude, we still must deal with things in our life. So why make it hard on ourselves? Just have a change of attitude!

In light!
Joseph Ghabi


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