Is This YOU?

  • Are you tired of repeating the same patterns over and over?


  • Are you always attracting the wrong people or situations into your life?


  • Are you tired of fearing failure… and fearing success?


  • Are you tired of being lonely


  • Are you tired of the shame and guilt every time you procrastinate?

Joseph P. Ghabi, The Free Spirit Centre Inc,, numerology, numerology healing, numerology compatibility, numerology calculator, manifestation, manifesting, relationships, soul, soulmates, soul mate, healing, vision board, personal growth, destiny

Why do you feel like this,
and how can you change it?



Joseph Ghabi, The Free Spirit Centre Inc,, consciously living your destiny, numerology, numerology healing, numerology compatibility, numerology calculator, manifestation, manifesting, relationships, soul, soulmates, soul mate, healing, vision board, personal growth, destiny

When you read these studies you realize what really made the journal activity effective: 


It helped create awareness.


Awareness is the most powerful tool for creating change.


An awareness of your unique strengths and weaknesses, tendencies, and habits is the first step to making lasting change in your life.



In my quest to create change in my own life and those I love, I discovered an effective tool to aid in the process. This tool has been used by many ancient civilizations as a compass for people’s lives.


This tool is Numerology.


And Numerology is a wonderful tool! When properly understood and used effectively, Numerology provides us with the awareness and signposts we need to guide us through our journey of life.


For over 20 years, I have used Numerology in a way which goes beyond traditional prediction methods. I’ve been able to use it as a tool to aid in my clients' and my personal, business, and soul growth.


Numerology can help you understand yourself in a precise way. It can assist you to understand your experiences and the universe’s lessons for you… what many refer to as your karma.



Bible Quote:  “People do not light a lamp and put it under a basket, they put it on a stand to give light to all in the house. You are the light of the world; it’s your purpose to let your light shine before others.”


You are special. You are unique. You have a purpose. So what makes you a special and unique individual? It is your past experiences. Your past experiences are your greatest gift.


The moment you stop living with a victim mentality, you will be able to capitalize on the power of your past experiences. You will be able to use your talents and manifest the life you want. Then you will be able to assist and empower other people who are going through similar experiences.


If you’re stuck and nothing is changing, then you need to try a different path.


What are procrastination and stagnation costing you emotionally, physically, and financially?


Is it possible your procrastination, your feeling stuck or stagnant, is manifested from your unwillingness to see and understand your karma? So, you have ended up living in the same painful pattern of your own making over and over again. This is all your creating... 

Joseph P. Ghabi, The Free Spirit Centre Inc,, numerology, numerology healing, numerology compatibility, numerology calculator, manifestation, manifesting, relationships, soul, soulmates, soul mate, healing, vision board, personal growth


This event is not just another Numerology event but much, much more!  It is about healing, understanding your experiences, and living your destiny.


During This Life-Changing Event, You Will Discover…


  • How to alignunderstand and fulfill your Soul purpose and destiny to create your legacy
  • How to Communicate the Blueprint of Your Soul to the world
  • Techniques to Integrate your Mental, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Soul
  • deeper understanding of your life from a perspective beyond your physical experiences
  • The truth about the first Phase of life…your early childhood experiences


Embark on your journey to create your legacy by consciously living your destiny!

 You are unconsciously attracting the same event over and over.


This vicious cycle will continue until one day you wake up and say to yourself,
“Enough is enough!  WHY do I keep doing this?”


I am happy to share: You do not have to do it alone...


What Happy Clients Have to Say...

Knowledge, Wisdom and Experience

"I found that Joseph was able to communicate very clearly & simply a lot of not so simple concepts. He has a vast amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience and shares it all with compassion and a big heart. It is refreshing to meet a teacher / mentor whose ego is not in the way."

~Janice Frey

Helping People Live Their Truth

"Dear Joseph, I think you are amazing and what you are trying to do in this world is appreciated.  You are helping people all over to live their truth.  I recommend everyone needs your courses to be the best they can be by living their truth."


Helped to Empower Me

"Great 3 day event!  Joseph took me to a place so deep that I did not know I was capable of going.  This workshop helped to empower me and made me realize that if I want a different outcome of my life then I need to take action.  Things are not going to change if I don't do anything."


Let Go of What is Holding You Back

"Joseph is the real deal.  He doesn't teach you about numerology, he teaches how to let go of what is holding you back and help you get back on track to fulfill your life purpose.  If you are serious and willing to change then talk to Joseph Ghabi."

~Anthony Salvi Scandale
(Author of "Let Go: A Little Guidebook to Freedom")


Event Details


At the event, you will be fully immersed in a safe and supportive environment. You will have the space to go deep and create an even deeper healing and transformation within yourself in order to capitalize on your strengths and understand your weaknesses by becoming aware of them.


Day 1

You will learn about the name you use today. You will understand its vibration and what the implications are every time you change your name. This is especially important for women whose names often undergo changes around marriage or divorce.

You will get a thorough look at your karma, experiences, and lessons. You will learn more about your Soul background, and a very deep transformation and healing will take place.

You will know for sure that you’re not unknowingly sabotaging yourself or hiding your gifts from the world and the people who need the help you’re meant to give.

You will want to stop hiding out and feeling safe, and instead, you'll want to start putting yourself out there!

You will learn about your destiny and your purpose so you can shine.

You will be introduced to your Inner Child and get to know yourself.

We will also explore Psychosomatic Numerology, which mixes Psychosomatic Therapy with my over 20-year practice of Intuitive Numerology. I am the only teacher mixing Numerology and Psychosomatic training to help bring awareness to how one's experiences have had effects on their body.  You will be able to understand the relationship between your energy and your chakras. This practice helps to explain how neglecting old feelings can create dis-ease and create resistance against moving forward or being free from certain situations.


  • Meditation On Numerology And Past Life
  • The Frequency of Money

(Optional): We end the day with a segment on Abundance For Life, originally designed by Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., of Learning Strategies.  Here, you will learn effective strategies to activate personal power to get what you want:

● Find heightened self-awareness and new perspectives on life.
● Focus your attention and tune your brain.
● Awaken the health, wealth and power that are yours for the taking.



Day 2

You will discover how to better understand yourself and your destiny. Immerse yourself in a higher understanding and awareness of the universe from a Soul Perspective. You will be able to access your Soul Blueprint Awareness in your own way to be able to IDENTIFY:

  • When a specific experience really started
  • What’s happened in the past and how it affects you now
  • What your Soul Purpose is

Your unique Soul Agreement includes awareness, even if right now you don’t feel you have any idea what you are looking for!

You’ll learn all about your Soul Chosen Destiny. Remember, you all have a purpose, and your journey is not about coming back and living your early childhood experiences and then getting stuck in them!

You will be aware of the challenges that took place, or are still taking place, in your life. You will be able to see and analyze your experiences from a higher prospective.

You will learn about your Blueprint Journey’s Cycle, and your Blueprint Personal Year which is your 9-Year Cycle.

We will also go deeper into relating to your Blueprint Destiny and how it affects you and your body psychosomatically, and you'll become aware of what needs to be done to avoid being sick all the time.

(Optional): We end the day with a Live Psychosomatic Demonstration. It will be your choice whether or not to participate.  This demonstration will take place in a very safe environment that this event will provide for you. Your body tells your story, and in order to participate and obtain accurate results, it is required that participants wear a bathing suit for this demonstration in order to see the full effects of your past experiences on your body.


  • Fear of Being Humiliated
  • The Frequency of Health


Day 3

We focus on the metaphysical understanding and interpretation of your chart.

You will start connecting with your Soul Purpose and the Soul Journey.

Your Blueprint is your guided instruction manual you brought with you into the world. Did your parents read your instruction manual when you were born? Most probably did not! But, you now have it in your hands, so learn about your strengths and weaknesses, your gifts and karma, and your Blueprint Destiny. You owe it to yourself, so stop blaming everybody else and take responsibility. It's all in your name and your birthday.

You will understand your life experiences and the purpose that you will follow.  We will discuss the Soul Agreements you had with the people who gave you your worst and best experiences in life, and then we will release any unwanted energies.

And much more!


  • The Frequency Of Your Relationship


A Few Words from Joseph...


Because I do not advertise, if you’re reading this, you have likely been referred to me by someone you trust, or have worked with me personally. You know that my work is very personal.


My workshops are intimate and space is very limited. I highly recommend purchasing now to save your spot at this special price, and if something changes in your life and you’re not able to attend, you can contact me within 10 days and receive a 100% refund.


When you click the button below, you will be taken to a secure payment page where you can pay through PayPal or as a guest using your credit card. After you complete the purchase, you will be contacted with details about the event (address, parking, etc). I look forward to meeting you!


In light!

Joseph Ghabi


Joseph Ghabi

Joseph P. Ghabi, The Free Spirit Centre Inc,, numerology, numerology healing, numerology compatibility, numerology calculator, manifestation, manifesting, relationships, soul, soulmates, soul mate, healing, vision board, personal growth, destiny