Listen to Your Daydreams

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  Contributed by Toni Cay Snyder of   Your brain is a supercomputer. Every day you plug information into it and ask it to perform complex calculations. You ask it to deliver applicable information about your likes and interests. And you ask it to recall vivid memories from years and even decades ago. In short, … Read More

You’ve Got a Curse!

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It is tough being here on this plane. You have your life to handle, your family to deal with, and you can’t help but feel responsible for them. You work 9 to 5. You try to squeeze your life around according to what suits everyone else and disregard your own needs. Time is moving faster than … Read More

The Meaning of 2016 in Numerology

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HAVE YOU NOTICED SOMETHINGABOUT 2016?   2016, as I have mentioned before, is an end of a situation in order to open up the doors for something new to enter into your life. It means many people will have to leave us this year because, for one reason or another, they gave up on life and … Read More

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