The Art of Using Excuses

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We all decided to inhabit this beautiful planet for a certain period of time to experience something. One day, after being in the tummy of your mother for 9 months, you splashed into this world and let out your first cry. At that moment, you awoke from a trance, and you apparently had no clue where … Read More

Your Body Speaks Volumes… Are You Listening?

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  Everything is energy.   Everything around is energy, so YOU are energy.   Energy vibrates at different frequencies, and those frequencies can be either negative or positive. Every feeling or emotion is energy, and it vibrates in either a negative or positive frequency. It all depends on how you’ve labeled your feeling or emotion because … Read More

Jesus is Coming!

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So far in my life, I have traveled to many places, and no matter what country it is I have visited, someone somewhere says, “Behold! Jesus is coming!” I think to myself and why not? I feel it is about time that someone comes to make a huge difference in our lives because, as we know, … Read More

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