Relationship Power Struggle

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The greatest asset we have in human existence is our soul growth, but somehow we have that confused with becoming powerful. Power does not bring growth unless we understand the essence of sharing that power. The struggle for power is a major characteristic in basically all of our relationships. The main types of relationships I recognize … Read More

What Does the Year 2017 Hold for You?

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2016 was tough for many people.  Many left one journey to start a new experience, and while some lives were turned upside down, other’s lives were blasted with success and prosperity.  You see, 2016 was a Universal Year 9. It marked the end of one situation and the opening up of another.  Whether you looked at … Read More

The Art of Using Excuses

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We all decided to inhabit this beautiful planet for a certain period of time to experience something. One day, after being in the tummy of your mother for 9 months, you splashed into this world and let out your first cry. At that moment, you awoke from a trance, and you apparently had no clue where … Read More

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