10 Keys to Lasting Relationships

10 Keys to Lasting Relationships

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We go through life accumulating experiences with different partners that help us to grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. At the end, life is about experiences as long you don’t get stuck in your previous ones. A relationship is not about another person coming into your life to fulfil you. That is your own responsibility.

Learn how to open your gates and drop your defences without creating expectations of what your partner will or won’t do for YOU.

Learn to let go and forgive yourself and others so you can move on, without bringing old baggage into new relationships.

It is not the same energy. This is not the same person you are involved with now. Until you learn how to do this, you will risk running into the same patterns of your old relationship situations.

Learn to let go, forgive yourself and others and move on. Invest in your relationships, invest in exploring your sexuality, and invest in your growth.

Relationships should compliment you and help with the reunion between two Souls which have decided to join together all for the right reasons because in the end, it is all about you! You are always the winner at the end. Just think of that for a moment!



  1. Your investment in the relationship has to be 100% even if your partner is not investing.
  2. Get to know yourself and fix your mess first before getting involved with someone else’s mess.
  3. Never start a relationship on a rebound without closing and understanding your previous one.
  4. The Law of Attraction states that whatever we attract in a partner is a big part of who we are but we haven’t let go of.
  5. A relationship is not always about you. There is another person involved here.
  6. Communication, communication and more communication.
  7. Be supportive and get involved with each other’s life.
  8. Don’t bring work home.
  9. Choose a partner for the right reasons.
  10. Express your feelings and emotions.


You have the key to your happiness in life. You have the key to your happiness in your relationships. It is not up to someone else to make you happy, but you need to be self-sufficient first before you get involved with someone else.

We need to be involved in a relationship to be a whole and not to be fulfilled. Your partner should compliment you. If he or she is merely an accessory for you for your pleasure, at some point, they will get fed up with you.

All relationships start well. Have we noticed that? It is time to reshuffle your old ideas about your relationships in order to end up in a lasting relationship.

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In light!

Joseph Ghabi


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